Become a Top Wedding Planner – 7 Wedding Catering Tips from Top Caterers


As a wedding planner you may be asked to help a bride select a caterer and a wedding day menu. Here are tips from top caterers from the September/October issue of Bridal Guide magazine.

1) Your bride should find a caterer who specializes in the type of food that she and her fiance enjoy

2) The couple should chose food that they love that would also appeal to their guests

3) A good rule is to stay away from basic things people don’t like and may be allergic to like garlic, onions, heavy sauces, spinach or another greens that easily stick to teeth. (I would also add that it is best to avoid things that can get stuck between teeth like sesame seeds and poppy seeds.)

4) Select a menu that has fresh ingredients that are in season and locally grown for the best taste and the best value

5) The desserts should not undermine the wedding cake and should add a level of surprise to the wedding reception. Caterers and planners have set up candy bars, macaroon bars, ice cream sundae bars and even a fire pits for camp-style s’mores. One planner brought in an ice cream truck. 

6) The bride and groom should set a budget before meeting with caterers then tell them what it is so caterers can recommend the best menu for their money.

7) Find out what is included in an estimate. It might be only the food or it can also include wait staff, linens, china, flatware, glasses, taxes and gratuities. When the bride gets the contract, all of this information should be listed on it.

You might want to pick up a copy of Bridal Guide for more information from top caterers.

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