Become a Top Wedding Planner – 9 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for Your Wedding Planning Business


Have you chosen the domain name for your wedding planning business yet? I’ve been exchanging emails with some wedding planners who are just starting to think about what domain name to buy so I thought I would share these 9 tips with you:

1 ) Buy the domain name that is the same as your business

You can use a domain name that is different, but people usually will type in your business name first when they hear about you and want to learn more about your services. Hopefully you checked to see if your business name was available as a domain name before you registered your business name.

2 ) Keep it short

A short domain name is easiest to for bridesto remember and type.

3 ) Use real words

If you want your domain name to have the word “great” as in “,” don’t use “” Other examples are using “4” for “for,” “2” for “to” or “too” and an”x” as in “xtreme” for “extreme.” Brides naturally type in real words and may end up on other sites if you use numbers or abbreviations.

4 ) Tell brides what you do

The domain name should make a reference to what you do by including words such as “wedding,” “event,” “bride,” or “bridal.”

5 ) Avoid using hyphens and underlines

Brides won’t remember to type hyphens or underlines and will not find you if your domain name is “” or “”

6 ) Make sure your domain ends with “.com”  

Brides naturally type .com at the end of a name, at least they do in the United States. Get the suffix which is the most popular in your country. If your budget allows, you can also buy others such as .net, .biz, .info and even .tv, if you plan to have a video blog site or post videos to a video channel (and you should be planning this).

7 ) Buy the domain name yourself

You want ownership of your domain name so don’t have your webmaster buy it for you. Also, you should know the IDs and passwords associated with accessing your domain name and your website, even if you don’t work on it yourself. At some time in the future you may change webmasters and web hosts and you want to make sure you have control of your name and site.

8 ) Purchase more than one year or remember to renew annually

I know of two people who let their domain names expire and had them swooped immediately by other people. One of them had hers picked up by a stripper! Don’t let that happen to you, keep good track of renewal dates.

9 ) Buy your own name

It’s good to have the domain name of your own name. You can forward it to your main site or you can use it to post information or links to all of your sites, like I do.

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