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Celebrities Tori and Dean had the challenge of a perfectionist, micro-managing bride last week on their show, “Tori & Dean: sToribook Weddings.”  They found, and you will find this too with some of your clients, that their bride couldn’t quite articulate what she wanted and had trouble making decisions. Dean saw that it could be a lack of confidence. But he and Tori were patient but firm, knowing they had to get some decisions made if the wedding would take place at all.

Tori was able to break through the indecision by first presenting the bride with a wedding dress that was almost exactly what she wanted. (She had seen a Vera Wang dress in the “Sex and the City” movie that was no longer available.) She and Dean then carefully followed the bride’s wishes of having an elegant wedding in white and cream and bringing in their Argentinian background.

The wedding took place at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach. As the bride and groom requested, the ceremony was outdoors,

with rose petals lining the aisle.

The guests were given rose petals to toss at the bride and groom at their big kiss. (Tip – if you are in charge of making individual items for guests, make sure you allow yourself plenty of time and get help with small items such as these, your time and skills might be better used elsewhere.) 

Because it was a windy day, Tori and Dean arranged to pass out shawls for guests to wear. (Tip – Wind can truly disrupt your wedding if you do not plan ahead. Make sure the bride’s veil is firmly anchored to her hair, she might want to select a small, short veil versus a long one to eliminate problems. Use a heavy aisle runner and secure it firmly to the ground. Any floral arrangements and trees should also have heavy bases so they do not blow over.)

The reception was set inside the hotel in a room not used for weddings before this event. (Tip – ballrooms aren’t the only places in a hotel than can be used for a reception. Work with the hotel to explore other areas that can be made private during the time of the wedding.)

Flower arrangements were by Lifetime Weddings and Events.

Decorative items were from Arte de Mexico. (Tip – party rental and prop houses aren’t the only places with decorative items you can use at a wedding. Check interior design stores, ethnic marketplaces, consignment stores, and vintage stores for one-of-a-kind items.)

The white cake was from Great Dane Bakery.

Wedding favors were boxes of sweets. (Tip – only use chocolate wedding favors when you and your bride are planning to give them out indoors or you risk them melting under the hot sun.)

You can be successful when you work with a perfectionist bride, listen carefully to what she says she wants and pay extra attention to all of the details, because that is what she will be doing too.

Tonight Tori and Dean plan a Tuscan wedding.

These photos and more by Michael Williams are on the Oxygen website.

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