Become a Top Wedding Planner – A Reason a Bride Should Hire a Wedding Planner



Brides sometimes wonder why they should hire a wedding planner to help them with their weddings. One big reason is because you can take  ideas and, working with your team of wedding vendors, design a wedding with personality and elegance.

On the last episode of “My Fair Wedding” with David Tutera, a bride had a vision of creating a 1920’s wedding using feathers, especially peacock feathers, pearls, flapper headbands and an assortment of items from craft stores and costume shops. David took the concept from kitschy costume party to glamorous “Great Gatsby” wedding.

Here are some of the things David, using the things the bride loved:

White ostrich feathers

  • Adorned centerpieces
  • Were part of the decoration on the 7-tiered wedding cake

Peacock feathers

  • Were attached to the program and menu
  •  Adorned the bridal bouquet
  • Were attached, along with calla lilies, to the clutches the bridesmaids carried in lieu of  bouquets
  • Bridesmaids also wore small headpieces with  peacock feathers and the groom had a peacock feather in his boutonniere


The bride’s transportation was a white vintage Rolls Royce.

You can learn more about the vendors for this event on the WEtv website.

Get to know your vendors so you can work with them to raise the level of elegance and sophistication of the weddings that you plan for your brides. And don’t forget you should also be studying design and fashion, along with wedding planning, to enhance your ability to offer suggestions to your clients.

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