Become a Top Wedding Planner – Adding “Event Designer” to Your Title


Wedding Event Design

Last weekend I received an email from someone who is interested in not only becoming a wedding planner but also an event designer. In fact, she preferred to be a designer versus a planner. An event designer designs and executes the look and feel of an event. Although many may specialize in weddings, they also design fundraisers, conferences, trade shows, corporate events, fashion shows, gala dinners, awards events (like the Oscars) and balls. Some do wedding and event planning, and certainly have knowledge and experience in the field, but usually they concentrate on event design and partner with a planner who can manage and coordinate the event.

There are schools, both online and offline that offer courses in event design. Their curriculum may include classes in floral design, color, fabric, decor, drafting, lighting, sound, staging, music, and special effects. If there aren’t any schools available in your area and you don’t want an online course, local colleges and universities often have classes in floral design, interior design and theater (my degree) that will help you learn the basics. You might want to also study history, architecture and fashion.

However the most important thing you can do is get experience, just as you do before becoming a wedding planner, and find professionals in the business who are willing to hire you as an intern or assistant.

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