Become a Top Wedding Planner – Are You Asking a Client to Marry You on the First Date?


Wedding Planner Meets a Bride at a Holiday Party

When you meet bride while out socializing or networking, are you so eager to get a client that you immediately jump into a sales pitch?  Don’t be too quick! Brides must know, like and trust you before they are willing to become your client.

Here is an example of what not to do:

I was at a holiday party during the weekend. A woman introduced herself to me and said she was a hairdresser, gave me her business card, gave me a sales pitch, said I should see her about my hair. She then turned to talk to someone else. Not appropriate behavior at a social or business event.

Although I now wonder if something is wrong with my hair, I won’t be calling her. I don’t know anything about her other than she is a hairdresser. I didn’t get an opportunity to talk to her so I have no idea if she is someone I would like and could trust with something as important as my hair. It might not matter anyway, I was just one of the many people she passed her card out to so she won’t even remember me.

I’ve often heard that rushing to close a sale when you first meet someone is like asking them to marry you on a first date. They won’t say “yes” because they don’t know, like or trust you yet.

So, when you do meet a bride, take a few moments to create some rapport, give her a chance to know and like you so she will trust you enough to want to set up an appointment to meet you again.

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