Become a Top Wedding Planner – Are You Forming a Business Partnership or Just Partnering?


A new wedding planner wrote that a friend of hers, a wedding officiant, wanted to partner with her. She asked if they could share the same contract.

As a wedding planner, you will have many opportunities to promote and refer other wedding vendors. You can also partner with them to create wedding packages that would  be attractive to brides.

However, if you are thinking of  being on the same contract, you’ll want to talk to an attorney. You each will be responsible for providing services and products in your area of expertise.  If you share a contract, you could be liable for their mistakes and, of course, they could be liable for yours. So, don’t do it without getting some legal advice.

If you are considering not only partnering on a few weddings but also starting a wedding business together, again I suggest you talk to an attorney because it is not something you want to enter into lightly. As business partners you would share the profits and the losses of your business. You would need to be in agreement as to the direction of the company, your individual responsibilities and your commitment to making the business successful. Good partnerships can create much abundance for everyone involved but bad partnerships can bring financial and personal hardship.

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