Become a Top Wedding Planner – Are You Ready for Engagement Season?


Wedding Planners Should Be Prepared for Engagement Season

In August, I wrote a blog post about preparing for the engagement season – the holidays – this is when most couples get engaged.  If you read and followed the suggestions in that post, you have been working on your marketing and are in a position to attract newly engaged couples to your business.

Here are some additional ideas to help you:

  • Make sure your family and circle or friends know that you are a wedding planner and you are available.
  • Get out and meet people, not just at business networking events but also at social activities.  No need to make a “sales pitch”.  Just tell people what you do and how you do it so they get to know you and will refer you when they hear of an engagement.
  • Stay in touch with the wedding vendors in your network so you stay at the top of their mind if they meet couples looking for a wedding planner.
  • Many bridal expos and fairs take place in January.  Investigate the events that will be in your area and consider participating as an exhibitor.
  • Keep blogging!  Be sure you keep your blog current by posting new content frequently so you get picked up by the search engines.  Get ideas on what to post at my wedding planner articles site.

Even if you didn’t get a chance to do some of the things I suggested in my previous post, these ideas can still help you bring in more clients.

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