Become a Top Wedding Planner – Are you Really Ready for Your First Clients?


Wedding Planner Networking Her New Business

I’ve been blogging about your first clients and want to make sure that when you start marketing, you are ready to get business.

Here are 2 examples of people who appear that they are not ready:

This week I received an email from someone wanting to know if I accepted sponsors or advertising on this blog because he had a client who might be interested. I do not accept either, but I decided to check out his website to learn more about his company. I went there and discovered the website was not yet up and running. What I saw was just an image from their web host indicating the website wasn’t done.

Another example is wedding planners I’ve met who hand out business cards and tell me and others, “this is just a temporary business card until mine are printed” or “my website isn’t up yet, but you can call me”.  These comments give the impression they are unprepared and not ready to take customers. This isn’t at all the impression you would want to create.

You are in a field in which people look for you to be always prepared and organized. You need to present yourself as a polished professional from the first day potential clients meet you. So, be sure when you go out into the world to market yourself that everything is in place that will tell people you are the person they want to hire to plan their weddings.

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