Become a Top Wedding Planner – Are You Technically Frustrated?


Wedding Planner Frustrated with Technology

When you started your wedding planning business, did you think you would be spending all your time planning weddings? I certainly thought that and I know others did too. I didn’t realize the amount of time I needed to spend marketing and now with brides and grooms checking the Internet for information, we’re spending a good deal of time learning Internet technology.

I was exchanging emails with a wedding planner last week, she mentioned the frustration she had with her website and blog and said she wished she understood it all like I did.

I’ll tell you a secret, I have a lot of frustration with technology too.

In fact, right after we exchanged emails, I discovered a problem with my blog post. It turned out that I had originally copied and pasted from a Microsoft Word document, remembered I shouldn’t do that, and took it out.  However, all of the programing from Word was still there and made it look like I only had that one post on my blog.  (Important hint – Word doesn’t look like it has programing behind it but it does.  When you blog, write straight into your blog post area or use notepad, Textpad or Blog Desk and transfer it to your blog.)

Here are some suggestions for handling technologically challenging times:

Applaud yourself for doing it yourself

When I first started my business, website design was all done by a few who understood how to do it. In many ways it wasn’t less frustrating to have someone else do it because I was at the mercy of their time and expertise. So if you are able even to do a few things yourself while you are running your wedding planning business, congratulate yourself that you have control of your online presence.

Check Google and YouTube for answers

I’ve learned that by putting a question into the Google or YouTube search boxes, I can usually find an answer to my problem.

Find a high school geek to help you on a regular basis

This is actually what my Internet marketing mentor, Tom Antion, suggests. Find a responsible teenager in high school who knows what they are doing and is willing to work for low pay. Call schools and ask if they have computer clubs, then go down and tell them what you need. Be very specific so you get the help you want.

Ask for help on Twitter

This is good if you just have a quick question. I’ve seen people tweet questions and get fast assistance from experts.

Take classes

It is worth the investment in time to take a class, either in your local area or a teleseminar, to learn some basic skills. Two people I use are the WordPress Wizard (@WordPressWizard on Twitter) for WordPress and Toolie (@Toolie on Twitter), for websites, they both occasionally hold free teleseminars and webinars.)

Realize that it does take some time to learn new technology, but once you do, you won’t take as long or be as frustrated again.

I’m gathering information on what areas you need help with to successfully grow your wedding planning business in 2010. Please let me know if you would like help in the area of technology or other areas. Just note it in the comment section.


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