Become a Top Wedding Planner – Are you working for f*r*e*e?


Starting out as a wedding planner and thinking about working without pay to get experience, testimonials and photographs for your portfolio? Totally understandable. I can see how planning weddings for f*r*e*e for a few relatives or friends at the start of your business might help you. However, I want you to be careful about doing a lot without pay. Here are my concerns about this:

  • Something f*r*e*e isn’t always valued. People can be just as demanding, or even more so, when they believe they are doing you a favor.
  • You might get used to giving services away. There is nothing wrong with being generous but remember you are running a business and your goal is to make a profit.
  • When you start charging, you won’t realize how valuable your services are and not charge accordingly.

When I started, I gave away a great deal of my time and energy. And, whenever a person seemed uncomfortable with my rates, I threw in a lot of extras. I didn’t highly value my knowledge, expertise and hard work so my clients didn’t either.

Get some experience in planning weddings by working for other planners, florists, caterers, bakers or in catering and sales for hotels and wedding venues. When you go out on your own, it’s ok to do some work for relatives or friends without pay but start charging as soon as you have some experience, not the same rate as a seasoned professional, but get some compensation for what you do.

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