Become a Top Wedding Planner – Attract Brides with Your “Behind-the-Scenes” Knowledge


A wedding planner recently told me she doesn’t have a Facebook business page, blog, or write an ezine because brides probably already know a lot of the information she would share.

Not true!

When you are a wedding planner you’ve been “behind-the-scenes,” you know what it takes to really plan a fabulous wedding, the preparation, the attention to details, the organization, the patience, and the hard work.

Think about the first time you planned a wedding for someone. Remember all of the things that you might not have been prepared to handle that you can now take care of without a second thought. Write those ideas down and start creating tips that you can post to your Facebook page, blog, and write in your ezines.

Brides want to know the information you’ve gained from your experience so share your “behind-the-scenes” tips and let brides get to know you as the expert you are. They’ll come to understand what it really takes to plan the wedding of their dreams, realize they can’t do it all themselves, and want to hire you as their wedding planner.

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