Become a Top Wedding Planner – Attract Clients with Your Stories


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When someone asks you about being a wedding planner, what to you tell them?  So many times I’ve heard planners tell how many weddings they’ve done and just rattle off list their services.  Unfortunately, this list of information that they recite doesn’t do much to make them memorable.  Telling facts don’t create as much impact as telling a story.  You need to give the listener a reason to engage in conversation with you and learn how you are different from other wedding planners.

Instead of just telling what you do, talk about how you do things, paint a picture in the other person’s mind.  For example, don’t just say, “last month I worked on four weddings, helped couples select their vendors, and managed their receptions . . .”  Instead, you might say, ” last month I turned a backyard into an Arabian Nights themed reception space under an exotic tent with crystal chandeliers, colorful rugs, and silk seating, for a career minded couple who needed my help.  Together we selected the Middle Eastern food and for entertainment, I found belly dancers who not only performed but also gave guests a lesson . . .”

Of course, you don’t have to describe an elaborate themed wedding.  Think about the weddings you have done.  What did you do to make it special for your clients?  You don’t want to tell every single detail, nor do you want to embellish, just talk about a few interesting elements.  Most people love hearing about weddings so they will appreciate getting some information beyond your list of services and you’ll attract more referrals and clients.

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