Become a Top Wedding Planner – Banish the Phrase, “If Only…”


“I could be a wedding planner, if only I could quit my job.”

“I could get more brides to notice me, if only I could get one of my weddings into a bridal magazine.”

“I would have it made, if only I could plan a celebrity’s wedding.”

“I would be a better wedding planner, if only I could first work for someone like Preston Bailey.”

Have you heard yourself making comments like these?

It’s easy to believe that if one big, special thing happened to you, you wouldn’t have any problems being a successful wedding planner. After all, it does seem like this is what happens to wedding planners in the movies.

In real life, no celebrity or situation is  going to give you instant success.

You are going to be the one who makes yourself successful, and you can do it:

1) Start from where you are right now

Don’t wait for the “perfect time” to come along before you start your business. You can still be in school or working and start your wedding planning business part time.

2) Don’t let yourself procrastinate

It’s good to take some time to visualize your dream wedding planning business, but dreams can’t become reality without action. Make plans as to how you are going to have the success you want, then get going.

3) Serve the brides in your area

Sometimes new wedding planners feel a need to leave their area in order to find celebrities or people in a higher economic level.

There are local brides in your area and niche who need your services. Do some research, find out how you can best help them, then market those services.

4) Have confidence

Know that no one needs to rescue you in order for you to be successful. You can do it yourself when you take consistent action to move your business forward.

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