Become a Top Wedding Planner – Be Disciplined for Home Business Success


Wedding Planner in Her Home Office

Are you running your new wedding planning business out of your home?  Many entrepreneurs do and find that it really takes discipline to be focused to get work accomplished each day.  Also, it takes patience to handle family and friends who don’t understand that you are working and not available.  Here are some tips for managing:

  • Have a schedule and stick to it.  Designate blocks of time in which you will meet with clients and potential clients, network face-to-face, network online, do research and learn more about wedding planning and marketing,  make and return calls, and handle email.
  • Do not answer the phone every time it rings.  You will find that many daytime calls are people who want to sell advertising or marketing plans.  If friends and family members call, keep it short and ask for a time that you can return the call when you are not working on your business.
  • Do not constantly check email. You really don’t have to answer most messages right away.  Stopping to do so will make you lose focus on what you are doing.
  • There are a number of wedding shows on television that give great inspiration – record or “Tivo” them to watch at another time.  I usually set aside time at night or on weekends and watch a few at the same time.  This way I can save time by cutting out the commercials.

Don’t forget to take regular breaks throughout the day and don’t work late into the night just because your office is at home.  You need time to recharge, relax, and have fun too.

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