Become a Top Wedding Planner – Be Observant When You Are a Wedding Guest


Wedding Planners Can Gather Wedding Planing Ideas at Weddings They Attend

Are you attending any weddings? Since you are a wedding planner, be an observant guest. Keep your eyes open during the event and pick up ideas for the weddings that you plan.

Some things you might want to take note of:

Directions -Were directions that came with the invitation accurate? If you did not get directions, do you think they are something you want your brides to include?

Parking – Was there adequate parking for guests? Was it close to the venue? Did you have to pay for parking? If so, how did you and other guests feel about it? Would you suggest your brides pay for guests’ parking if this is an issue?

Entrance – Did you know where to go when you entered? Did anyone greet you? If not, do you feel this is something important for the weddings that you plan in the future?

Ceremony – Could you see and hear the bride and groom? Did the couple incorporate traditions and customs that are unfamiliar that you wished they had explained to the guests? Would you suggest the bride have the officiant explain things like this or print information in a program?

Cocktail Party – Was there enough food and drink and a variety that pleased you and other guests? Did the size of the room accommodate the guests well? How were the lines to the food or drink? What did you like about it or how would you have done things differently?

Reception – Did it start at a good time or did you feel you had to wait a long time before it started? Did the food selection appeal to most guests? Did the events such as the first dance, wedding toasts, cake cutting and bouquet and garter toss flow smoothly and seem well organized? If so, how did they accomplish that and how can you be as organized? If not, what might you have done differently?

Outdoor Ceremony or Reception – Were you comfortable outside? If it was warm, were you offered water, juice or lemonade? Was there a way to be inside, especially during a long reception, so guests could be comfortable? What do you think of outdoor weddings? What type of “Plan B” would you have if this outdoor wedding faced bad weather?

Invitation – After the ceremony, take a look at the invitation. Did it give a good indication of the real style and personality of the wedding ? If so, how was that done? If not, how would you have advised the bride?

Although you might have been able to do things better than the DIY bride or the wedding planner, be polite, keep your opinions to yourself. People do things differently and/or mistakes happen. Don’t be judgemental, just decide how you might do things differently yourself.

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