Become a Top Wedding Planner – Be Prepared for Emergencies


As a wedding planner you are well-prepared with a kit full of the things a wedding party might need in case they forget something. You also probably know how to handle last minute guest and vendor problems. But are you also well prepared to take action if the safety of the wedding party and guests is a concern?

Here are 7 things you should know whenever you plan a wedding:

1) Who at the venue should you contact in case of an emergency?

2) What can this person do when you do contact them? (Call 911, perform CPR, etc.)

3) Where are the emergency exits and fire extinguishers?

4) Does the venue have a first aid kit? If so, where is it? (You should also pack a small kit of your own.)

5) In the event you need to call 911, can you get a cell phone signal at the venue?

6) Do you have vendors who practice safety on the job? In other words, do they use any equipment that can be tripped over or could fall and hurt someone? If so, what do they do to prevent accidents?

7) If the bride or groom has reason to believe an unhappy ex could crash their wedding and cause problems, have you suggested hiring a security guard?

Check that the area outside the venue is also safe, even if the guests will only be walking from their cars to the ceremony or reception. The sprinklers should be off, parking lots should be well lit and walkways should be free from any safety hazards.

Also, since you will often be managing large groups of guests, it never hurts for you and your staff to take a first aid class so you know some basics in case of a medical emergency.

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