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On Friday night’s episode of “Four Weddings,” one of the brides had a beautiful beach wedding. Unfortunately the guest brides weren’t too happy about their shoes sinking into the sand. This is a problem with a beach wedding but you can anticipate and be prepared for this and other potential problems and help your couple and their guests have a wonderful experience.

6 precautions you can take:

1) As one of the brides in the show said, giving guests flip-flops is a good way to help them save their shoes. Your bride can order them in the colors that match her wedding or, if your bride has the budget available, get them personalized with the bride and groom’s names, like Ivanka Trump did at her wedding.

2) Before the wedding, test the temperature of the sand. If it’s too hot to the touch, you might need to cover the entire ceremony area with a floor.

3) Make sure there is a faucet or hose nearby for guests to rinse their feet, most beaches have this.

4) Check to see that the beach in clean and does not have debris that could injure a guest.

5) Provide some sort of shade, such as parasols or beach umbrellas, some guests are not comfortable under a hot sun.

6) The hot sun, wind, rain and humidity can ruin any outdoor event. Be sure you have a “Plan B” that includes shifting to an indoor venue.

In the video below, celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera offers additional tips on having a fabulous beach wedding.

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