Become a Top Wedding Planner – “Belly Dancing” Theme on “My Fair Wedding”


On Sunday’s episode of “My Fair Wedding,” celebrity wedding planner David Tutera’s bride was planning a Conservative Jewish wedding with a belly dancing theme. She loved sparkle and peacock feathers and planned to give shimmy belts to all of her female guests so they could wear them during the wedding. Her bridesmaids were dressed in mismatched dresses with shimmy belts as shawls. Her dress was what a traditional bride would wear, a large ballgown. It didn’t suit her personality or the belly dancing theme that she was planning.

The first step David took to revise her wedding was take the bride to a salon to change her dress, giving her one that showed off her figure and suited her wedding style.

He also changed the bridesmaids’ dresses, selecting one in soft gold. (Photo below from the vendor’s website.)

He accessorized their dresses with exotic belly dancing jewelry.

Her wedding venue was moved to a hotel ballroom and the reception was designed to look like an exotic land. David filled the space with an explosion of color, using individual fuchsia and orange tents, similar to the one below from Raj Tents, the vendor for the tents, over each dining table, and covering the tables with coordinating fabrics in various different textures.

David responsibilities at this wedding were not only to be the wedding designer and planner, he also had another important duty. The bride explained how her family is Persian-Jewish and her father did not accept her groom, who is Vietnamese-Chinese. Her father was not planning to attend the wedding and, because of that, other members of her family would not attend also. She asked David to walk her down the aisle.

David explained, like you, as a wedding planner, sometimes must do, that he cannot fix things that are family related, but was happy to have the honor of taking her down the aisle.

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    My favorite episode thus far! Of course, I too bellydance

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