Become a Top Wedding Planner – Beware of the January Marketing "Opportunities"


Wedding Planner Listens to Marketing Opportunity

Happy New Year!

Whether you are just starting your wedding planning business or have already been in the business a few months or years, January is the time when it seems that all of the people who have “opportunities for investing” in marketing your business suddenly find you.  Some are targeting wedding planners with offers for things such as advertising space in wedding magazines and websites, booth space in bridal fairs and expos, and sponsorships in events for brides. Others are targeting small business with offers of memberships in networking groups where you can be the only person in the group who is a wedding planner or in community small business organizations, advertising in local area magazines, print and online yellow pages, and much more.

So what do you take part in and what do you avoid?

Here are some tips:

1) Check your marketing budget first or, if you don’t have one, create one for the year. Remember that you must do marketing all year so don’t spend your entire budget in the first month.

2) If you are being offered advertising space in a wedding magazine or website, find out how many wedding planners in your area are also doing this. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on ad space and find out your ad will be buried among 20 other wedding planners.

3) Before you invest in booth space at a bridal fair, talk to vendors who have exhibited at the event and how many sales they were able to close. Also decide if you not only have the money to spend on the space but also on any brochures and marketing material you would want to print to distribute. And, do you have the time to be in the booth during the show and follow up with the leads you would get from exhibiting?

4) If you are considering joining networking groups, look at the people involved and decide if they would be the right people with whom you could exchange quality referrals. Also think about the money and the time you would invest in attending, some groups meet weekly and demand you pay for breakfast and attend every week or find a substitute. It could wind up being like a second business. Instead, find groups with the right mix of people that don’t strain your money and time budgets.

5) Be careful about investments in print ads in magazines and directories. Many are folding because people are now getting most of their information from the Internet. You don’t want to make an investment in something that will not be around in a few months.

The bottom line, don’t invest in any marketing “opportunity” until you’ve taken the time to find out if it is really right for your wedding planning business.

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