Become a Top Wedding Planner – Beware When Using Wedding Planner Contracts From the Internet


Are you using a contract with your brides that was specially created by an attorney for you and your wedding planning business? Or did you find one on the Internet or in a book then “edited” it yourself? Or are you afraid to use one because you think it might scare brides away?

I receive emails every month from new planners telling me about problems they have collecting money or situations in which they were treated unfairly by a client. All of them tell me they did not have their client sign a contract or they used something they found on the Internet.

Most brides expect to sign a contact with a wedding planner. In fact, if you don’t have them sign a contract, they may be concerned that you are not a true professional and they certainly will know that you are inexperienced.

When you use a contract you have found on the Internet or in a book, you may be using one that was not even created for a wedding planner. It may be out-of-date,  have information that does not pertain to the laws in your state, and certainly will not be relevant to your individual business.

 The services you provide and the amount of money you will be paid for those services should be spelled out in the contract, along with your policies regarding changes, cancellations and methods of payment. You can get ideas about what to put into your contract from the Internet, books or other people, but you must work with an attorney and create one that works for you and the service that you offer.

In a recent email, a wedding planner, working with her first client, based her fees on the wedding budget and wrote it into her contract. The budget doubled, thus doubling her work, but her contract didn’t allow her to increase her fee. Another new planner had problems with a client who wanted her money back after the wedding, she did have a contract.

Do not let these things happen to you! Protect yourself by investing the time and money it takes to get a contract written for your business.

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