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Get Married Media, which brings us the Get Married television show and a magazine of the same name, announced the results of their online survey of more than 1500 brides.

Here are 4 of the results and what they mean to you as you create services and market them to your brides and grooms:

1) The average age of brides today is 28, and more than half of those surveyed being over the age of 26

This means they have probably been working for a few years, may have an established career and need your help getting things done.

2) 92% are paying for some portion of their weddings

They have more control over what their weddings looks like and who they hire to help them with their planning.

3) 44%  found that the most surprising wedding stress is establishing the wedding budget

You may want to offer a service in which you work with couples to help them put together their wedding budgets. Or you can give classes teaching couples to create their own budgets.

4) Grooms have the strongest opinion about the venue, catering, music and photography

Keep this in mind even if you are just working with the bride, the groom may want to weigh in on these areas before the bride signs the dotted line on any contracts.

More information and details about the survey can be found on the Get Married website.

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