Become a Top Wedding Planner – Brides Magazine Suggests Using a Wedding Planner


Bridal magazines don’t always seem to support wedding planners, they often offer a lot of DIY wedding planning advice to brides. However, in the September issue of Brides magazine, there is an article in their “Planning” section in which they suggest using a wedding planner. The article is, “10 Ways a Wedding Consultant Can Help – Her most important task: making the bride’s life easier.”

Here are 5 of the ways that they say you can help:      

1) Listen to a bride’s ideas and suggest things that work for her budget and style

This is important. Many brides are concerned that a wedding planner will “take over” and they will not get the wedding that they want. Make sure you let brides know you work with them to make their visions come to life.

2) Recommend vendors who can meet a bride’s needs

Brides don’t typically know a lot of wedding vendors. They need you to tell them who might be able to best help them carry out their visions based on their budgets.

3) Negotiate to get good deals

Explain to brides that vendors often give wedding planners better prices because they want you to give them referrals to more brides. They can come to you for better pricing and your excellent negotiation skills.

4) Assist with specific tasks

Many brides truly don’t have the budget or the desire for full service planning but they might want help with tasks such as finding a venue, mailing and tracking invitations or handling out-of-town guests. If you are able to offer these services, make sure you talk about them and let brides know the benefits of your expertise.

5) Oversee the wedding day

Even if a bride has done her own planning, explain that she should consider using a wedding planner to relieve her of the stress of trying to manage everything herself on her wedding day. Although family members and friends may volunteer, they often don’t know what to do and, besides, they want to be able to enjoy the wedding too.

There are many ways you can help make a bride’s life easier, just make sure she knows it.

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