Become a Top Wedding Planner by Expressing Gratitude


Top Wedding Planners Write Thank You Notes

As a new wedding planner, you will be meeting vendors, to create your team of trusted professionals, and networking with seasoned wedding and event planners to learn from their experiences.  A good habit to develop now is handwriting thank you notes and sending them to people who have taken the time to meet with you.  Many people send text messages, emails, or nothing at all.  Your handwritten note will help you stand out as a professional and make you more memorable.

Sound like a lot of work?  It isn’t, just write short notes thanking them for their time and mention something you discussed during your meeting.

When working with clients, write notes of thanks after they return from their honeymoon and keep in touch with occasional notes and holiday cards. You will be first on their minds when their friends need a wedding planner and when they need help with social and business events.

I’ve been doing this for years and it has helped me get many good referrals and repeat business.

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