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I’ve received questions from new wedding planners who wanted to get celebrity endorsements in hopes that these will bring lots of clients.

Whether this is a local celebrity or one who can be found on the cover of People magazine, here are a 3 of things to think about when considering celebrity endorsements:

1) Have you planned a wedding for this celebrity?

Your potential clients are looking for a wedding planner who can do a good job planning their wedding, not someone who just knows the person or was able to send the right gifts that would get a celebrity to endorse them.

2) What do you want the celebrity to give to you?

Before you approach anyone who has a high profile, know exactly what you need from them. A testimonial? Referrals?

Testimonials are great if you have planned a wedding or event for this person in the past. It’s best to get this as soon as possible after you have planned the event. This is true of getting testimonials from anyone, capture them when they the most excited and everything you did is fresh in their minds.

Regarding referrals, unless the celebrity knows your work as a wedding and event planner, they might not be willing to give you referrals. Their own name and reputation would be on the line. Also, unless the celebrity has frequent contact with a lot of brides, there would be little opportunity for the celebrity to offer referrals.

3) Would an endorsement from this celebrity be important to your niche?

There are celebrities in every industry and niche who are not well known to people in other industries and niches. If you have a celebrity or high profile person endorse you, make sure it is someone whose opinion your target market would value.

Don’t feel that testimonials and endorsements are only good if they come from someone famous. A potential client mostly wants to know that you did a great job planning weddings for brides like her. Make sure your testimonials include kudos from clients who were happy with the many different ways that you used your skills and creativity and provided excellent customer service.

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