Become a Top Wedding Planner – Celebrity Wedding Planner Saves the Day


You’re a wedding planner with a bride whose her maid-of-honor doesn’t have a dress. Can you find one with only a couple of day’s notice?

That is what LaLa Vasquez ‘s wedding planner, Mindy Weiss, had to do in last night’s episode of , “LaLa’s Full Court Wedding.” (I wrote about LaLa and her wedding planner in previous post.)

It proves you need to be ready for any type of emergency and that you need to have some great vendor connections that can help you find things on short notice. LaLa’s maid-of-honor did not even see the dress until she was ready to get dressed for the wedding.

LaLa herself had too many dresses. At the last minute she got another wedding dress that she was afraid to tell Mindy about. However, since she was going to wear this one to her reception, not the ceremony, it was fine.

When the bride decides to change her clothes for the reception, you must factor the time it will take her to change her attire into your timeline. You don’t want to keep guests waiting to long if she decides to make the change right before entering the reception. You can see LaLa’s dress in the photo below.

We did finally get to see LaLa marry Carmelo Anthony in their red-themed wedding. I showed their invitations and cake in a blog post in July and showed photos from the venue a few weeks ago.

You can see full episodes and clips of the entire series on the VH1 website.

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