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Great ideas for planning weddings, blogging, marketing or running your business probably won’t come to you when you sit down at your computer and try to think of great ideas. Instead they may come to you at random times during the day when you are not trying really hard to think of them.

On the ABC television show, The View, writer Aaron Sorkin, who created the television show “The West Wing” and the new movie “The Social Network,” talked about the creative process. He said he takes six to eight showers a day when writing. This re-energizes him if he has had trouble coming up with ideas and needs a “do over”.

Other things he does are drive around in his car, have arguments with himslef and watch ESPN. The whole time he is doing these things his mind is processing ideas. By the time he sits down to write, he can easily get the ideas onto paper.

While you might not be interested in taking a half-dozen showers a day to come up with the perfect ideas for the next wedding, think about when you have gotten your best ideas and see if duplicating that action can help you jump-start your creative process.

You can see the program with Aaron Sorkin on the ABC website.

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