Become a Top Wedding Planner – Create and Maintain Good Relationships With Wedding Vendors


As a wedding planner, you do not work alone. You need the help of other vendors to create the weddings your brides dream of having. Your network of highly-skilled vendors is one of the biggest assests of your business and as such, you need to make sure you develop and nurture your relationships.

Here are 5 key points to remember when choosing and working with other wedding vendors:

1) Get to know them before you include them in your network

People will often tell you,”I know a good caterer.” “I have a cousin who is a florist.” Don’t recommend or use anyone who you have not spoken to and gotten to know their work. You will need to make sure you can work well with them and that they are a good fit for the brides in your niche.

2) Avoid  accepting kickbacks

Some vendors will offer you money or a percentage of a client’s bill when you give them a referral. You only want the best for your brides so only refer high-quality vendors and ask that they take the amount they are offering and deduct it from your bride’s bill.

3) Keep them up-to-date during the planning process

Always let vendors know immediately of any changes that are taking place during the wedding planning that might impact the services they are providing.

4) Be a good leader

You need to provide vendors with leadership and direction but you don’t need to do their jobs for them. Allow them to do what they do best.

5) Remember, the goal is a happy bride and a fabulous wedding

If you feel you aren’t getting the information you need from a vendor or if problems occur between other vendors, handle the situation promptly. Keep everyone focused on the goal of giving the bride and groom a wonderful day and never let the couple know of any behind-the-scenes drama.

After a wedding, phone the vendors and thank them for their hard work. If necessary, discuss how things might be done differently.

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