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I recently posted a link, on my Facebook Fan page, to an article by Howard Givner, event industry strategist and business growth consultant, about how experienced wedding planners charge for their services.

In a related article in the April/May 2010 issue of Event Solutions magazine, he wrote about the need to demonstrate to your clients how much value they are getting for their money when they hire you.  Howard used venue selection as an example.

Suppose one of the services you offer to brides is venue selection. You do your research, finding venues that are in her price range, would suit her theme and style, is in the area she requested, allows her to use the caterer she wants or offers catering, can accommodate all of her guests and is available on her wedding date. Then you present her with the three to five venues that meet her criteria. But do you let her know the venues that you called that didn’t meet all of her criteria? If not, she might think you only researched those that you presented to her. She won’t know about all of the time and effort you took to find her the handful of venues that you presented.

Howard suggested showing your client a grid listing of all of the venues you found to demonstrate the work that you did.

You can do this whenever you offer selection services. For example if you research caterers, cake designers or photographers to find the right match for your bride, let her know about your research. Brides today want good value for their money, don’t be afraid to show what you have done.

To read the entire article, go to page 16 of the Event Solutions digital magazine.

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