Become a Top Wedding Planner – Did You Raffle Off a Prize at the Wedding Fair?


Wedding Planner Getting a Bride's Contact Information at a Wedding Fair

When I was planning a lot of business events, I often worked with clients raffled off prizes in their booths. People would put their business cards in a goldfish bowl and the winning cards would be drawn during or after the show. Many thought this was a way of getting hundreds of good leads.

I noticed that vendors at wedding fairs I recently attended did something similar, gather names on a list for their raffles. It’s a way of getting contact information of brides who visited the booths. However, if you are doing this, don’t see this list of names as a list of good leads. It really may be that the bride was only interested in your prize. But don’t discount this list either. Use the contact information and market to the brides via email or direct mail (postcards are best) or a combination of both.

3 things to remember about follow up marketing:

1) Give helpful information that establishes you as an expert in your niche

Don’t just pitch your services. Instead, offer a tip, talk about a trend, or give some wedding etiquette advice.

2) Plan on doing a series of emails or postcards, not just one

Many people send out one email or postcard and never touch bases with brides again. You need to stay in front of them so you are the person they think of when they decide to hire a wedding planner.

3) You may not get a a call until weeks or months after a show

Brides don’t always realize they need a wedding planner until they have tried to do things themselves and failed or have gotten too stressed. If you continue to keep in touch with them when others have not, you will be the one they call.

If you want more information about following up after wedding fairs, I wrote two blog posts last month, one on what to do after wedding fairs and the other on writing follow up emails.

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