Become a Top Wedding Planner – Do You Really Have "No Experience"?


Wedding Planner Meeting Potential Client

Are you a brand new wedding planner? What experience do you have?

I was just looking at various different question and answer forums on the Internet and found, on a few of the sites, questions such as “What do I tell a potential client if I don’t have any experience as a wedding planner?

First, you don’t ever want to lie and say that you have experience, education or certifications that you don’t have.

Second, if you really don’t have any experience, the best thing to do is to spend some time getting it before you start your own business. You want to be able to give brides and grooms the weddings of their dreams and you will have to some time studying and working to learn how to create their weddings. Find local wedding planners, event designers, florists, photographers or caterers who have busy schedules and are willing to take on interns or apprentices to help them with their weddings. Be ready to work without pay or for very low pay. In fact, you might need to pay to participate in some apprenticeship programs. You can find wedding professionals through bridal, wedding, or special event planning associations.

Third, you might have experience and not realize it. If you have been planning weddings for friends, family and members of your place of worship for free, you have experience. Take a look at what you have done for those events and use the photographs of your work in your portfolio. Get testimonials from the brides you worked with that you can share with potential clients and that you can post on your website and blog.

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