Become a Top Wedding Planner – Does Your Business Have a Facebook Fan Page or a Group?


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I often get questions from new wedding planners about Facebook Fan pages versus Facebook Groups. I found a great article yesterday Facebook Groups versus Pages: The Definitive Guide at, an unofficial Facebook site, which gives an explanation of when you would want to use each of them.

Basically, the article says that Facebook groups are organized around a topic or idea while a Facebook Fan Page is good for creating an official Facebook page for a business. Pages give you a place to have interactions with fans and clients. Fan pages also give better opportunities for search engine optimization. There is a great feature comparison in the article that might help you decide when you need to use each application.

If you want a Facebook Fan Page but don’t have one yet, check out Mari Smith’s blog post How to Create and Promote Your Facebook Fan Page. She wrote this well over a year ago so some of the information on Facebook has changed but I think it is a very good “how to” post and video. Mari is often referred to as the “Piped Piper of Facebook” so if you really want to learn a lot about Facebook, you might also want to be a regular reader of her blog,

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