Become a Top Wedding Planner – Don’t Fear Rejection



You’ve started your wedding planning business, you’re beginning to get meetings with brides and present proposals. And now you are finding out that not everyone wants to hire you. In fact, you never hear back from some of them and some of them make comments that seem hurtful.

Don’t let it get to you.

When you are a wedding planner, you are going to be talking to a lot of potential clients. Some will like what you have to offer, some won’t. Don’t get offended or get mad and become critical of the bride. Also don’t send emails or call brides begging to know why they aren’t hiring you, it will make them uncomfortable. They may invent something to tell you just so you will not bother them again.

Don’t take rejection personally!

Brides have a picture of their ideal wedding planner in their heads before they even meet with any. You won’t match every bride’s ideal but there are brides looking for YOU, who need your talents and skills to help them with their weddings.

Don’ t beat yourself up or give up after a rejection. Keep learning and developing skills, continue to get out and market yourself and always do your best.

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