Become a Top Wedding Planner – Don’t Get Bogged Down By Your “I Can’ts”


Recently I’ve had some conversations with wedding planners who are stuck in their “I can’ts.” I have found that whenever people start to think there are things the “can’t” do they head down a bad path that can eventually leads them to doubt all of the things they know how to do and makes them want to give up.

When you start to think that you can’t be, do or have something, it’s time to cancel those thoughts and think about what you can do instead.

Here are 4 examples of  the “can’ts” that I have heard lately and what I suggested to get the person’s mind moving to a more positive direction:

1) “I can’t get any clients in my niche, brides who have high salaries, because they don’t want someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience.”

Ask yourself, “What brides can benefit from the experience that I have?”

Don’t select a niche based on the fact that they have good salaries, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are willing to spend it on a wedding planner. Also, realize that brides who can afford platinum weddings will be more demanding and want you to have good relationships with high-end vendors.

You may want to start with a different niche, brides who would value the experience that you have and the services that you offer. Do some research, spend time with brides and find out what they need and would pay you to do, then market and sell those services.

2) “I can’t afford to be in a national bridal show or buy advertising in a national magazine so I can’t be successful.”

Ask yourself, “How can I market my business in an affordable manner?”

National events and media advertising aren’t the only ways to market your business. In fact, you are more likely to be successful with your target audience if you select shows and advertising media that is specific to your local area and to the brides in your niche. Bigger isn’t necessarily better, you just need to reach your target market, not every bride in the country.

3) I can’t write so I can’t have a blog.

Ask yourself, “What would I say to my friend about this topic?”

You don’t have to be a writer to blog or write articles to post on the Internet to market your services. Write the way you speak. Just pretend you are talking to a friend but instead of talking, write it in a blog post.

It might help you to write in the form of a list, like this post. I tend to think in terms of lists and bullet points so I write most of my posts and articles in this style.

4) I can’t blog because I have nothing to say.

Ask yourself, “What can I write about today that would highlight my expertise and show brides my passion for weddings?”

I’m sure you have plenty of ideas on how you would plan a wedding. Or you have an opinion of the latest wedding trends. Or you want to tell brides about a fabulous new wedding accessory or wedding favor. These are all things you can write about in your blog that will show brides you are an expert who knows weddings.

Don’t let yourself get discouraged, think about what you can do, not what you think you can’t.

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