Become a Top Wedding Planner – Don't Get Kicked Out of Bridal Shows


A wedding planner recently got kicked out of a bridal show!  I don’t know the full details, I heard this from a friend who heard it from someone else.  What I think happened is the wedding planner went as a attendee, not an exhibitor, and may have been seen handing a business card to a bride.  Or maybe it was worse and the wedding planner was approaching attendees with his or her marketing materials. Either way, the show may have thought the planner was trying to gather leads without purchasing a booth and kicked the planner out.

There are a lot of bridal shows running right now and you might be visiting them to see trends in the business, find vendors to add to your network or even spy on your competition.  Vendors like meeting wedding planners who will add them to their referral list.  Just make sure you make an appointment to meet them after the show to discuss business, not when they are in the booth trying to talk to brides.

To pick up customers and generate leads for yourself at a show, you need to buy a booth.  If you attend and walk the floor handing out marketing material, show management will definitely ask you to leave.

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