Become a Top Wedding Planner – Don't I Know You From Somewhere?


Surfing the Internet

You may not have thought you would be a wedding planner one day.  And, you may not have thought that one day every photo taken of you being serious or silly could end up on the world wide web for everyone to see and perhaps misinterpret, but they can.  This was the topic of an article I read in my local newspaper this morning.  A reporter interviewed Michael Fertik, CEO of ReputationDefender, a company that cleans up people’s reputations on the Internet.  He said whatever we put out on the Internet is permanent and no longer under our control.  Why you need to be concerned about this:

  • Whenever a bride or other client is thinking of hiring you, they will go to the Internet and Google your name.
  • They will not only find your website but your presence on any social networking sites.
  • If your name is tagged on any videos on YourTube, photos on your friend’s sites, or if you are mentioned on a site, your potential client may see it on a Google search.
  • If what is on the Internet about you makes you appear unreliable,  immature, or not trustworthy, a potential client will not hire you.

Be smart about what you post on the Internet, and protect yourself and your reputation by montioring what gets posted on the Internet about you.

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