Become a Top Wedding Planner – Do’s and Don’ts of Handling the Brides on You List


Many of you now have a list of names and contact numbers of brides from an opt-in box on your website or from sign-ups when exhibiting at bridal shows and wedding fayres, but what are you doing with this information?

Here are the DO’s and DON’Ts for handling your list:

DO realize that it is meaningless to collect names if you are not going to do anything with them.

Giving a bride a downloadable free report on your website or a free item with you name and contact information at an event are helpful to get your name out, but these actions alone will not help you stay in front of brides.

DON’T think that just one contact is enough.

A lot of wedding professionals send a thank you after a bride downloads their report and never connects with her again. Or they send one email a week or two after exhibiting at an event and feel like they have done all they can. But unless you continue connecting with a bride, she won’t remember you when she needs a wedding planner.

DO have a long range plan.

Whether you put up an opt-in box on your website and/or exhibit at a bridal show or wedding fayre, you have to have a plan in place of  how you are going to follow through with your marketing in the long term. If you don’t have a plan before you start, chances are good you’ll end up doing nothing.

DON’T think that marketing to your list when you “get around to it” works.

Nothing that you only do when you “get around to it” comes out well. If you’ve taken the time and money to work on your website or at a booth at a show, you need to make the most of your investment and get serious about reaching your brides and having a successful business by working your marketing plan.

DO find different ways of staying in touch with your list.

You can send emails, postcards, or offer teleseminars that provide information about weddings and wedding planning ideas that are important to your niche.

DON’T think you are only in the business of providing wedding planning services.

As an entrepreneur, more than half of the time you spend on your business will be spent marketing. Creating, maintaining and marketing to a list of potential clients should be an important part of how you spend that time.

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