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Dreamed of Planning a Double (Double) Wedding

Last night I had a dream that I was planning my own wedding but I wasn’t the only bride.  It was a quadruple wedding, in other words three friends and I decided it would be great to all get married in the same ceremony!  I remember in the dream thinking I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go through with it.  After all, how long would the ceremony be?  How many guests would be invited?  How would I get the attention I deserve as a bride?  Eeek!  Luckily, it was just a dream.

You probably won’t be called upon to plan a quadruple wedding but there are couples, usually the brides are sisters or best friends, who have double weddings.  These weddings may save the couples some money but can be nightmares to plan.  So, you may be called upon to assist them.

Here are some tips when taking on a double wedding:

  • Revise the contract you normally use to include both brides and each should sign that they have the responsibility of working with you and paying you.  I’m not an attorney, so it is best to ask one for assistance.
  • Be absolutely clear on how you are all going to work together and who has the authority to make final decisions.  It may be that both have to give approval.  If so, remember that this may lengthen the time it normally takes to get things done.  Get everything in writing.
  • Remember, you will be working with two sets of wedding parties.  Make sure this is something you want to do and can handle well before you take it on.

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