Become a Top Wedding Planner – Educate Brides About Your Wedding Planning Services


Brides don’t always know very much about what wedding planners do. It could be that the idea of having a wedding planner is new where you live or it could be they have misunderstandings based on wedding planners they have seen in the movies or on television. The ones in which the planner falls in love with the groom or the planner makes all of the decisions and does not show respect for the wedding budget. Or, they watch the news and read in the newspapers about a bride and groom who have been cheated by an unscrupulous wedding planner, forgetting that these are very rare occurrences.

Because of these things, it’s important that you educate brides and teach them about your services. If you just have bullet-pointed lists of what you do in your marketing materials, a bride may read the items and check them off in her mind thinking, “I can do that” or “I can give that to my maid of honor.” Whereas, if you teach her about your actual services and explain the benefits, she will understand the value of hiring you.

Here are 3 ways to educate your brides:

1)  Give detailed information about your services and the problems they solve

Don’t just write a sales pitch or tell how great you are in your marketing. Explain your services and talk about the importance of their benefits in a way that helps a bride understand why she would need to hire you to have the wedding she wants.

2) Write articles and reports about wedding planning

Offer tips and advice on your website. Post articles on both wedding sites and general article sites such as ezinearticles. These articles will help you be more visible online and help brides get to know and trust you enough to contact you.

And don’t forget, one of your best articles should be offered for free to brides who are willing to sign-in on your website and give you their contact information. Then you can stay in front of them by sending them more advice in a weekly ezine (e-newsletter).

3) Make videos sharing information and secrets about how you work

I’ve seen lots of wedding planner videos that are just commercials for their services. Most brides don’t respond to blatant sales pitches.

Tape yourself, or have someone else tape you, while you are managing set up at a reception and talk about the process. Or, let them see you working with vendors to find selections for a bride. In other words give a “behind-the-scenes” look at being a wedding planner. This will show brides the amount of the work you will do to plan their weddings.

You can put these videos on your website, blog and on video sites like YouTube for more exposure.

Brides want all the information they can get about weddings. When you provide them with the information they want, you are establishing yourself as an expert and a person they can trust with their important day.

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