Become a Top Wedding Planner – Ethnic Themed Wedding Tips from “My Fair Wedding” – the Belly Dancing Bride


 Are you helping a bride plan an ethnic themed wedding? One very popular example was the wedding that celebrity wedding planner David Tutera planned for the Belly Dancing bride on the recent season of WeTV’s “My Fair Wedding.” In the episode, the bride was Persian-Jewish and the groom Vietnamese-Chinese, who had converted to Judaism. They wanted to incorporate their personalities and the bride’s love of belly dancing.

David picked  5 elements of their cultures to use in the wedding design. Here are his tips along with a video of David planning the event:

1) Colors

The vibrant colors and textures of the Middle East were used in the tents, linens and flowers of the reception. Most cultures have colors that symbolize celebration, happiness or love that you can incorporate into the wedding.

2) Traditional Attire

Although a bride may select to wear a white wedding gown, her attendants can wear dresses from the culture or wear colors that represent it.

3) Flowers

Select flowers that are popular for the culture and in traditional colors.

4) Decor and Accessories

You can incorporate a touch of the culture in everything from the tablecards and menu cards to the centerpieces.

5) Music and Entertainment


Hire local musicians who can play traditional music from the culture but, unless the entire guest list is from the same culture, also see that a variety of popular music is played to entertain guests and get them to dance.

Do your research, talk to the bride and groom about the traditions they want to incorporate into their wedding.

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