Become a Top Wedding Planner – “Four Weddings” and Four Venue Ideas


On Friday night’s episode of TLC’s “Four Weddings,” each of the four brides selected a very different venue for their wedding and their locations might give you ideas for the weddings that you plan:

1) Beach Wedding with a Retro Fifties Theme

The bride got married at the beach with an AstroTurf aisle runner and daisies sprinkled along the edges. She did not have attendants. Her officiant looked like Marilyn Monroe, which fit her theme.

One problem with this outdoor beach wedding was it was hot, humid and rainy on that day in South Florida. Fortunately her reception was indoors and she followed her retro theme serving fifties diner food, like chicken pot pie and mac and cheese (she had a mac and cheese station in which guest could add their own meats and vegetables). The waitstaff wore fifties diner outfits, which was a nice touch.

2) Miami Tropical Garden

This bride did not have to worry much about decor. Her morning outdoor wedding was set in a lush garden and the cocktails were served right near the ceremony site. Her lunch buffet reception was in a covered pavilion near the site.

The benefit of an outdoor space is the bride may not need spend a lot on decor or flowers because the site naturally provides a besutiful setting for her.

3) Hotel

The hall of a hotel lobby was decorated to look like a church for the bride’s evangelical Lutheran ceremony. A balcony overlooking the reception area provided the space for the cocktail hour.

The invitation said “Black Tie Preferred” and the decor was very formal but the food was the opposite. The bride chose her favorite foods, chicken and French fries and Funfetti cake, white cake with colorful spinkles, there is a popular mix from Pillsbury and a Facebook page for its fans.

The food wasn’t what the guest brides liked. Should your bride pick a food that may not be popular, you and her caterer might suggest adding some other entree selections.

4) Catering Hall and Culinary School

One bride had her event at Hugh’s Catering in Oakland Park, Florida. The ceremony, cocktail hour and reception were all in the same space, and guest sat at dining tables throughout the event. The other brides didn’t care for but this does make it easy for most guests.

The bride loved fine food and there was a wide range of foods, something for everyone which is a plus especially if there are picky guests. In lieu of a traditional wedding cake, there was a tower of cupcakes with a large one at the top.

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