Become a Top Wedding Planner – From a Disastrous Wedding Theme to a Diva Wedding Theme on “My Fair Wedding”


When celebrity wedding planner David Tutera met his Dallas, Texas bride, Sheena, on the show “My Fair Wedding,” her concept was, “Beyonce, meets Lady Gaga, meets tropical, meets Cajun, meets New Orleans, feathers and parrots.”  Which David called, “a disaster” and even her groom said they needed someone to, “pimp our wedding.”

The bride said she wanted something out-of-the-box and wanted to feel like a diva, but without the attitude. David gave her a “crazy, off the charts, nontraditional wedding” that brought out the diva in her and her bridesmaids and made the wedding memorable to the bride and groom and all of their guests.

What David did to transform this wedding was big. These ideas are probably beyond most budgets but you can get inspiration for the weddings that you plan:


David didn’t change any of the dresses, as he usually does in most of his shows. Instead he gave and bride and all of her bridesmaids sequined party dresses for the reception that brought out the diva in all of them.


David had a special photo shoot with the bride and her attendants in which they got made up and dressed like a diva and her divaettes and acted like women from the movie, “Dreamgirls.” He later used the photographs at the venue and showed a movie that he had created of the women doing their photo session.


The bride had wanted to honor her fiance with something from New Orleans, his home city. David did this by working with the caterer to create a Cajun style menu. (A nice way to incorporate the groom’s background.)


The bride had chosen to have her ceremony on a rooftop of a venue which meant she and her groom would be reciting vows against the noise of overhead jets and the traffic on the freeway. Something to really consider when planning outdoor weddings.)

David relocated the wedding to the historic Lakewood Theater. The marquee stated the event was “One Night Only” and “The Wedding of Sheena and Cedric.” The movie posters were from the diva photoshoot.

The groom and groomsmen arrived in a black limo. The bride and her attendants got made up and dressed in a star trailer and made their entrance in a white limo. With a red carpet and guests at the entrance  lining the velvet ropes, calling the bride’s name and taking photographs, the couple got a taste of stardom.

The ceremony took place on the stage with the guests already seated at their reception tables.

The stage later became the dance floor (the floor was lit by LED lighting).

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