Become a Top Wedding Planner – Fuchsia “Hollywood Club” Themed Wedding – With Rats! on “Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings”


Could you plan a wedding that included rats? That is what Tori and Dean did on last week’s episode of the Oxygen network show, “Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings.” Their bride and groom were ballroom dancers who wanted a Hollywood club style wedding in bright fuchsia with lots of sparkle, bling and feathers that included their pet rats, Sparkly and Butter.

Here is how they carried out the color and style of the wedding and included the rats. Your couple’s wedding doesn’t have to include rats to get inspiration from this wedding:

The ceremony took place on the rooftop of  The London West Hollywood. Fuchsia petals lined both sides of a carpet that was used as an aisle runner. We got to see Tori, Dean and their art director, James, struggle with getting the aisle runner straight – it’s nice to see that even celebrity wedding planners have stressful moments.

The rats entered the ceremony in a fuchsia cage on wheels that was pulled by two flower girls. The rats wore wedding attire that Tori designed and made herself.

Since the bride loved feathers, they were distributed to the guests to throw after the big kiss.

For the reception, the ballroom was washed in fuchsia lighting.

Since the couple were dancers, it was important that the dance floor be special. It had the monogram of the bride and groom and, of course, a silhouette of a rat.

The tables had the right amount of sparkle and color after Tori encouraged the groom to weigh in with his opinion. Had the bride made all the decisions, the tablecloths would have been covered with hot pink sequins. But Tori was concerned that the groom be able to express his desires, since it was his wedding also – something you need to do with your couples. 

Cookies are a fun favor or dessert at a wedding and you can incorporate the theme in the cookie, like these rat-decorated ones.

Of course, the toppers on the wedding cake were modeled after the couple’s pets.

On tonight’s episode, Tori and Dean plan a lovebird themed shabby chic wedding that will, no doubt, include real birds.

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