Become a Top Wedding Planner – Gain Agreement for Changes


Bride Agrees to Additional Wedding Planning Services

What happens when you’re planing a wedding and the bride requests additional services from you?  Or, let’s say you are working on a wedding and suggest adding a few services to make the ceremony or reception really stand out, what do you do?

Well, the first thing to do in both situations is to put new services in writing.  Then get your client to agree and sign off on the additional costs of those services.  Never think your client will remember what they requested at the last minute.  Also never assume the client will pay for upgrades.

A friend recently billed a corporate client for an event he had completed for them.  In order to to make their event better than originally planned, he spent extra hours on the decor. He frequently gave the client status but never got agreement in writing.  He presented the client with their bill with the extra charges and his client refused to pay.  He is still trying to get his money.

Your final bill should never be a surprise to your client.  Make sure you let them know of any changes in charges and have them sign an agreement for the increase.

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