Become a Top Wedding Planner – Gather Your Testimonials


Are you busy planning weddings for the Summer? Don’t forget to get testimonials from your clients. Brides will usually call, email or send you a personally hand-written note expressing their gratitude. If they don’t, you can contact them and ask them what services you provided that they were happiest with and helped them the most. This information will not only give you testimonials you can use in your marketing but also give you insight into the services that other brides in your niche might value.

When you get a testimonial from a bride that you would like to use, ask for permission. You might even want them to sign a release allowing you to use their exact or edited words in your marketing. Also make sure you get consent to use their names and any photos you might have taken of them. In order to use photographs from the wedding photographer, you will need to also obtain permission from the photographer.

With permission granted, you can post testimonials on your website and blog, feature them in your portfolio and in your printed marketing material. Brides like to see that you have had satisfied clients.

If you want to uniquely feature your testimonials online, meet your clients and record a video testimonial with a pocket camcorder, such as The Flip, and put them on your website, blog or create a YouTube channel and post it here.

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