Become a Top Wedding Planner – Get Found by Search Engines, Part 2


Yesterday, after I wrote a post for new wedding planners about putting keywords in the title bar of your website pages, I was asked how to find keywords.  A free tool that I use can be found at  I’ll show you how it works.

In the screen capture below, you’ll see that I went to the Wordtracker site and put in the words “Indian wedding.”

Wedding Planner Searchs for "Indian Weddings"


It then gave me a list of  all the  phrases (up to 100) with the words “Indian wedding” that people were using in their search and an estimate of their daily search volume, you’ll see some of them below.

Weddig Planner Searches for "Indian Weddings"

From this list you can learn the type of information people want about Indian weddings.  So, if your niche is Indian weddings, you now know the type of information you need to provide on your websites and blogs.  You also know the phases you need to use to help your site get picked up by the search engines.

Go to the Wordtracker website and read more about using the tools and try a few searches of your own.

By the way, please don’t use  keyword phrases when they do not fit in with what you are writing.  The search engines, and your potential clients, will not like it.

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