Become a Top Wedding Planner – Inspiration for a Tuscan Themed Wedding from “Tori & Dean: sToribook Weddings”


Two weeks to plan a Tuscan themed wedding! That is the task that Tori and Dean had last week on the episode of their Oxygen network television show, “Tori & Dean: sToribook Weddings.” The bride and groom had only hired their photographer, everything else was up to the celebrity wedding planners to do.

The first thing Tori and Dean did was reserve the venue. The couple wanted an outdoor wedding at a site which was rustic, elegant and had lush green grass. A place that reminded them of Tuscany, Italy, where they had gotten engaged. The wedding planners brought them to Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu, California. (Tip: some outdoor venues are not inclusive. Your brides may need to provide their own tables, chairs, linens and other party rental items and lighting and sound equipment in addition to bringing in catering. If there is concern about the weather, you also might want to suggest renting tents. Ask the venue what is included and check the bride’s budget before she signs a contract.)

Next, Tori and Dean helped the bride and groom select their wedding day attire. The bride selected a dress from JLM Couture, Inc.

The groom and groomsmen selected seersucker suits. They decided against the bright coral bow-ties that Dean suggested, because they would have matched the bridesmaids’ dresses, and wore their shirts unbuttoned at the neck. (Tip: remember that your customers always select what is right for them, don’t take it personally.)

The ceremony area was decorated with bright coral flowers in large vases and smaller arrangements hanging from sheppard’s hooks. The aisle was lined with coral flower petals.

Tori and Dean had strugggled with finding the right florist to help realize the bride’s vision of bright coral flowers. They worked with two very well known florists, one, Tic-Tock Couture Florals, was called  in the day of the wedding. They created the bride’s bouquet that you see in the photo at the top.

However, their tabletop arrangements were tall when the bride wanted small, low arrangements. Tori ended up running to a local flower shop four hours before the wedding and putting together some arrangements with the help of her art director. (Tip: celebrity status may not, in the end, matter if a vendor cannot create what the bride wants. Make sure the vendors you recommend can carry out the bride’s vision or you’ll need to find other vendors to work with.)

The bright coral wedding cake, by Hotcakes Bakes, had German chocolate, red velvet and fruit flavored tiers (the baker recommended a four-tier cake and suggested that the top two tiers be the same flavor).

Hopefully, you will never be given just two weeks to plan a wedding from start to finish. Tori and Dean have a lot of connections and offer an opportunity for vendors to promote themselves on television so they can create something spectacular in a very short time.

Tonight the Tori and Dean plan a Victorian Steampunk themed wedding.

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