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Wedding Planners Need to Be Good Listeners

As a wedding planner, you need to be a good listener.  But sometimes it is easy to lose concentrate when a person is speaking.

Here are 3 tips that will help you be a good listener, especially when you are having that important first meeting with a potential client:

Make it easy to concentrate on the conversation

Select a location for the meeting that is quiet and doesn’t have a lot of visual activity.  If the conversation is over the phone, make sure to schedule it at a time in which you can talk without distraction or interruption.  Don’t multi-task!  Even when the person can’t see you, they can tell if you are on your computer, preparing lunch, texting, or straightening your desk as you speak.

Spend more time listening than talking

When the other person begins telling you about themselves or their ideas, resist the urge to interrupt with information about your experiences.  When they are done, share relevant information and don’t give unnecessary details.  This might be difficult, because as planners, we’re very focused on details, but many times the listener only wants to hear the results, not the details.

Don’t spend the entire time thinking about your response

I’m often guilty of trying to think of a brilliant comment to what a person is saying rather than listening fully.  Turns out I sound more intelligent when I concentrate on what is being said first, then speaking later, after I have all of the information I need.

Do you have any tips about being a good listener?  Please share them in the comment section.

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