Become a Top Wedding Planner – Get More Serious About Marketing Your Wedding Planning Business


Wedding Planner Thinking About Her Marketing

I sometimes get emails from new wedding planners saying they are having trouble marketing their wedding planning business and getting clients. They tell me they have a website and blog, they have a Fan page on Facebook and use Twitter and they network. Sounds like they are on the right track but then I investigate further and discover that they are not putting as much energy as they could be into these marketing efforts.

I have them look at different areas of their marketing and have them ask themselves some questions to see where they might be able to improve or increase their efforts. You might want to ask yourself these questions and review your marketing also:

The target market

Did you do enough research to know that there is a market for your products and services? Did you design your services and your marketing around them? If not, you might want to make some changes.


Do you have content that is targeted at your niche? Are you showing photographs from your past events? Is it easy to find information? Are you using keywords so your site gets picked up by the search engines?


Are you posting frequently? Many times I’ve found that wedding planners start blogging almost everyday then after a short time they lose interest and start blogging only once a month. In order to keep brides returning to your blog you have to post often and offer good content. Frequent posting also helps the search engines find you.


You have to post often here also. Connect your blog to Facebook so blog posts automatically appear on your personal profile and Fan page after you publish them. Go to your list of friends and invite them to join your Fan page, the worse they can do is ignore you. You should also become a fan of other people’s pages. Wedding vendors, bridal magazines, and celebrity wedding planners all have Fan pages. Become their fan, make comments on their walls, start conversations with other fans to stay visible.


Don’t just set up an account and hope that people follow you, go out and find people to follow. Tweet wedding tips, send links to information that you find on the web that might interest your niche and connect your blog so it sends out a tweet when you post. Spend some time on the site everyday.


Find social and business groups that are in your niche or have access to the people in your niche and get out and mingle. Find wedding vendors and set up coffee meetings to get to know them better so you can exchange referrals. Let the people for whom you have planned events for free know you now have a business and would welcome referrals.

I know I have mentioned these ideas in the past but my point for bringing them up now is to say that you can’t do things half-way if you want to be a success. You have to work as hard on your marketing as you do at putting together a dream wedding for your clients.

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