Become a Top Wedding Planner – Get Ready for Spring 2012 Weddings


Spring is a very popular time of year to have a wedding, especially in many warmer areas of this country, and other countries also. These places are where a garden or any outdoor wedding is impossible in the summer months because of  heat and humidity. I have had a few new and experienced wedding planners tell me that they are booked to plan weddings for next Spring – how exciting!

Here are a 3 things to remember if you are putting last minute touches on a current Spring wedding or have a client booked for next year:

1) It’s a great time for a bride to use an abundance of flowers

Many flowers are in season so they will be more affordable. Or a bride might want to have a garden wedding and take advantage of flowers and greenery in their natural environment.

 2) Plan for rain

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we had of the worse rains of the year in the first week of Spring. If your bride has opted for an outdoor wedding, be sure to have a “Plan B” that includes an indoor wedding space or, at least, a tent.

3) Don’t make the bride feel she needs to stick to traditional Spring colors and decor

Spring colors are traditionally pastels in the colors of Easter eggs and lots of flowers. If these things don’t appeal to your bride, she should feel free to select what she wants. Use your knowledge and expertise to help her have the wedding of her dreams.

Celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera, star of the WEtv Show, “My Fair Wedding,”speaks below about Spring flowers. The clips in the video are from his work with a bride who wanted a Spring themed wedding.


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